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Mahlagha Jaberi is basically from the Iran. But now she is resident of San Diego, California. By Profession Mahlagha is Fashion Model. Mahlagha Jaberi is one of the hottest fashion model on Instagram and She is very active on Social Media.

Mahlagha Jaberi is making her life happy and she’s main fundas is be fullest and achieving goals.Over 1.6 Million Followers with 780+ Posts (Photos) on Mahlagha Jaberi Instagram Account. She has put videos about fashion tips like how to make hair, some hot short dance videos etc on Instagram. Mahlagha have couple of friends because she dislikes that girls who would befriend any girl or boy.

She is fun loving girl and strongly believe in friendship. She got lots of ad campaigns form advertising companies in the World. Lots of Mahlagha Jaberi Fashion Videos on Youtube.

Mahlagha Jaberi Biography:

Mahlagha Jaberi Eye Color: – Brown & Hazel

Mahlagha Hair Color: – Dark Brown

Date of Birth: – 17 June, 1989

Her Born: – Isfahan, Iran

Recent Lives In: – San Diego, CA

Mahlagha Jaberi says about her life :

I am not a snobbish but life experiences have taught me to be the way I am with “friends”. I can be happy even if I live alone in World. I have passed my diploma in mathematics and physics and then after i am started studying business.

Best time for me when i am with my couple of good friend because I completely trust on them and we go out for dinner, shopping, movies and parties.

I live in my own world. I hate that people who talked about others that’s why i am stay away from that type of people.

I like that people who respect and honest with others. I also like carrying, sweet, funny nature people.

Mahlagha Jaberi is strongly believe in all women are beautiful. She is also beautiful and her eyes and hair very sexy. She recently participated in “Miss Jetset Magazine 2016”.

I put some peaceful info about Mahlagha Jaberi and i am enthusiastic for my blog readers. If you want another searching hottest fashion model then you check out my earlier post on Neha Dogra. She is also looking very attractive and huge followers on Instagram.

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